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NetAtmo Programming

Netatmo Weather Station Shell Script

I got a lot of feedback for my blog post Read NetAtmo weather station data via Script and Export NetAtmo weather station data to CSV / Excel. A lot of people seem to be interested by using the data from thier Netatmo weather station.

Bernd G. – one of my blog readers, extended my scripts and build a complete Linux shell wrapper around it. That makes it much easier and adds more flexibility to the scripts. Bernd allowed me to post his script on my blog to share it.

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NetAtmo Programming Synology

Export NetAtmo weather station data to CSV / Excel

I’m a proud owner of a NetAtmo weather station for a couple of months and I think it’s the best wheater station with a great user experience you can get:


Some days ago I noticed the option in the web dashboard to export all my weather data into a comma-separated (CSV) or Microsoft Excel file. That’s a great feature for archiving your measured data….but wait – how could this be done in an automated way?

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