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Programming Synology

Edit Synology Photo Station Album Permissions via Script

I’m using Synology Photo Station for storing all my pictures and share access to all family members. Being an IT-Guy I’m very concerned about security and especially the access rights to all albums. Unfortunately, Synology marks a new album always as public. Instructing my family to set the correct album permissions didn’t work because they’re normal users and they don’t want to do any settings for albums. They just want to access and upload their photos.

Synology Photo Station Permissions

At this point, I decided to have a look on the Postgres SQL Database that is being used

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Set Creation- and Modification-Date from Filename

After my return of my last vacation, I had a bunch of videos that I wanted to edit, transcode and archive. First I renamed the files based on their creation date so that this information is being preserved and consistent during the whole process.
When my editing and transcoding was done I just needed to set the file’s modification and creation date back to when it was originally taken. To do this job I created a small PowerShell Script I want to share with you:

$Directory = "C:PathtoFiles"
$DateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss"

foreach ($file in (Get-ChildItem $Directory)) {
    $date_from_file=[datetime]::ParseExact($file.Name.Substring(0,$file.Name.Length-4), $DateFormat, $null)

    $file.CreationTime = $date_from_file
    $file.LastAccessTime = $date_from_file
    $file.LastWriteTime = $date_from_file

    Write-Host ($file.Name + " - " + $date_from_file)

Here’s the result – the date / timestamp in the filename is identical with the actual file date:

Set Creation- and Modification-Date from Filename

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NetAtmo Programming

Read NetAtmo weather station data via Script

Update (2019-03-14): Netatmo changed their login process on Mar 7th 2019 – the script below is the updated version also using the new getstationsdata API endpoint.

Based on the feedback for my previous blog post Export NetAtmo weather station data to CSV / Excel I created a small script to get the module, device ID, temperature, humidity and also all sensor data from your NetAtmo weather station and modules.


This scripts also uses curl to login to the web page and then download the device data using the NetAtmo Web API. This script will return all the information in JSON format.

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NetAtmo Programming Synology

Export NetAtmo weather station data to CSV / Excel

Update (2019-03-14): Netatmo changed their login process on Mar 7th 2019 – the download link below refers to the updated script on my GitHub page.

I’m a proud owner of a NetAtmo weather station for a couple of months and I think it’s the best wheater station with a great user experience you can get:


Some days ago I noticed the option in the web dashboard to export all my weather data into a comma-separated (CSV) or Microsoft Excel file. That’s a great feature for archiving your measured data….but wait – how could this be done in an automated way?

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Synology DS Photo+ DLNA Mirroring Reverse Engineering Part 1

I’m using my Synology DS214play NAS for storing all my family pictures and videos on it. Therefore, I’m using the Synology Photo Station application on the NAS. It is a great app for organizing all my photos and videos – especially the wide platform support including apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and also a browser based web client is something I really love.
Being an IT guy, I found some major problems regarding Synology Photo Station that I’m willing to investigate and maybe fix them. First issue in this blog series:

  • Mirror a photo that is displayed in DS Photo+ app to my Samsung TV
  • DS_Photo_DLNA

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