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Docker Linux

Creating a Raspbian Docker base-image

During some testing with docker, I wanted to create my own base image rather than using pre-build images. I did that to get a better understanding of the technology behind docker.

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Docker Smart Home

ha-bridge in Docker container on a Raspberry Pi

During Christmas holidays I spent some time to work with Docker and migrate all my smart home components and services into separate Docker containers. During that process, I decided to use a Raspberry PI 3 as my Docker host.

To connect my smart home system with Amazon Alex I use habridge from bwssystems. Unfortunately, there was no official Docker Image on Docker Hub. Therefore I created a Dockerfile and created a new Github Repository and a Docker Hub Repository:


The Dockerfile is based on the great work from tsgoff: https://github.com/tsgoff/docker-alexa-ha-bridge

Most of my Docker containers are based on the resin.io base-images. These guys are doing a great job in maintaining their images.

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