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Change Clientdrive Name and Icon (Example: Mein IGEL)

Today I created a script to make it easier for IGEL Linux ThinClient users to find their client USB drives. On IGEL Linux ThinClients, all USB client devices are mapped under the virtual client drive A: (clienta$). Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to recognize for the regular users in the Windows Explorer if they are connected to a XenApp or XenDesktop machine.
Therefore I decided to make it a lot easier for the User – and here we go – that’s how it looks now:

So what do we need to do to get there? I wrote a batch script that does the Job for you – this script needs to be run everytime a user logs on to the XenApp or XenDesktop session. This can be done with the regular login script or with group policy preferences – for my first implementation I did it with GPP and used item level targeting for specifying an Active Directory Group.

Here’s the Script:


You need to customize the Script regarding the path to the IGEL icon file to fit your environment. For Copyright reasons, I can’t offer an IGEL icon file for download – you have to create your own.

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