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Safely change the Administrator Password

In one of my current projects, the customer wants to change the password of the Active Directory built-in Administrator account. This account was used several years for setting up tasks, running services and all kinds of things. To ensure that all major business applications will not be affected by that change, we needed to identify all processes and persons using the Administrator account and create separate service accounts for these applications.

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Change DNS settings on multiple Windows Servers and Workstations

During several Active Directory migration projects I needed to change the DNS server IP addresses on several computers if the DNS service was installed on the Active Directory Domain Controller. Therefore I wrote a little PowerShell script to connect to remote computer and change the DNS server IP address in the network connection via WMI to the onces specified in the script.

This makes changing the IP address of a DNS server much easier because all Windows systems based on Windows Server 2008 / Vista or newer can be edited by using this PowerShell script.

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Using Windows certificate store in Mozilla Firefox

Lots of companies are using Mozilla Firefox in their corporate environment. Firefox came up with a great new feature in the latest version – it will support Windows enterprise trusted root certificates! No more need for adding certificates to Firefox separately using the keytool:

Just use the Windows Active Directory Group Policies to deploy your certificates – most of you already do this for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer and other software. To enable this great new feature Firefox introduced a new configuration parameter named security.enterprise_roots.enabled this needs to be set to true in the about:config page:

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