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LotusScript: Move all items without a view into Inbox Folder

After working some years with IBM Lotus Notes and moving lots of mails and other items between folders you’ll be surprised how may ‘invisible’ items are reseeding in your mailbox database.

To make this items visable I found a script some years ago somewhere on the internet. Unfortunatelly I don’t know the original programmer to contribute his work. You can just put the Script into the Notes Script Editor an execute.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim s As New notessession
Dim db As notesdatabase
Dim fDoc As NotesDocument ' Document in folder
Dim ad As notesview ' All Documents view
Dim aDoc As notesdocument ' document in All Docs view
Dim fUNID() As String ' array of UNID's of docs in folders
Dim i As Integer ' UNID array index
Dim deldate As notesitem
Dim Chair1 As notesitem

i =0
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase

Redim fUNID(0)
' Build UNID array by looping through folders, then their documents
Forall view In db.views
If view.IsFolder And Not view.Name=("($All)") Then
Set fDoc = view.GetFirstDocument
While Not fDoc Is Nothing
Redim Preserve fUNID(i)
fUNID(i) = fDoc.UniversalID
Set fDoc = view.GetNextDocument(fDoc)
End If
End Forall
' Loop through docs in the All Documents view and compare UNIDs to each doc in the array
Set ad = db.GetView("($All)")
Set aDoc = ad.GetFirstDocument
While Not aDoc Is Nothing
i = 0
Do While i <= Ubound(fUNID)
If fUNID(i) = aDoc.UniversalID Then
Exit Do
End If
i = i + 1
Set deldate = adoc.getfirstitem("delivereddate")
Set Chair1 = adoc.getfirstitem("CHAIR")
If i > Ubound(fUNID) And Not deldate Is Nothing And Chair1 Is Nothing Then
Call adoc.PutInFolder( "($Inbox)")
End If
Set aDoc = ad.GetNextDocument(adoc)
End Sub
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